Baroness Lili

Baroness Lili

‘I am intrigued by the situation’ - says the penniless count when he puts on butler's clothes in order to go serve the rich baron and his daughter.  more

Current events

The count happens to be a successful stage author and the baron’s daughter, who falls in love with the ‘butler’, dreams of being an actress. A real actress from the nearby estate wants to win the author for herself, the girl wants the butler, her father wants the count - to marry his daughter, that is. In Baroness Lili everyone wants something different, even when they all want the exact same man.

Huszka Jenő takes us to a rich, dreamy operetta world with his great melodies, he guides us between extremes of passion and comedy in the rather small and intimate space of our Studio Theatre. The merging of these extremes create an energy that allows this performance to transcend the conventional limits of the genre. Baroness Lili is both more and less than a grand operetta: there’s nothing more than nine actors, one musician and an incredible story.


André mostanában mindent elfelejt, valahogy nem állnak össze a dolgok a fejében. A lakása, a lánya, a bútorok... minden olyan…

 A korábbi nagy sikerre való tekintettel a Mamma Mia! ismét az ország legnagyobb sportcsarnokaiban!

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